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Wear the Wonder is a line of fashion and home adornments. Our initial product, WonderCuffs are cuff bracelets featuring vibrant, nature-inspired original photography. Our line is expanding now offering leggings and decorative pillows!

Sandy Kahn, Terree Yeagle, founders of Wear the Wonder

How We Began Wear the Wonder

If you stay alert, almost everything you wish for in some way presents itself to you but you must
be open to receiving it. It is about knowing what you want and working in that direction and in
realizing it may find you via people, places or things you didn’t count on or foresee. So this is a
story of finding friendship, chasing adventure and following dreams.
It was a regular weekday and I had just left my daughter at preschool. As I was exiting the
nursery school, another mother was dropping off her son. Crossing paths, we exchanged
friendly hellos and bright smiles. That simple exchange felt like a long lost friend rather than
someone I had just met. It was an encounter that began one of the longest and best friendships
of my life.
Our lives were fairly parallel in those days, with young children in tow everywhere we went.
From community activities to school days, to the slopes of a nearby ski area, many of us moms
took our kids to adventure out in the snow, learning to ski and snowboard. From neighborhood
gatherings to camping trips and river adventures, to dinners out and festive parties, the
friendship between Sandy and me grew deeper as the years flew by. Whenever we had
precious moments to sit and chat, we would share stories of all that happened around us, each
offering the other a sympathetic ear if needed or the pat on the back to congratulate an
accomplishment in business or career. We became the best of friends clocking in hundreds of
hours by each other’s side. With our love of the outdoors and our zest for life, we often found
ourselves on the mountain skiing together and sharing further our imagined dreams and
desires. Endlessly we would discuss ways to be in business together, using all we’d each
learned through our individual life experiences to present day. Sandy’s keen sense of all things
business and her splendid attention to detail would balance so very well with my love of art and
photography. We knew absolutely that there was something in the world waiting for us to
work on together. We knew one day something would present itself to us and when that day
came, we’d be ready!

My love of photography had the camera in my hand the majority of my life. I’d made a
career of portrait photography and as my three children had all suddenly grown up, I seemed to
have a bit more time. I found myself photographing nature in my spare moments, beautiful
moments I called them, in the natural world. Over the last several years I have amassed quite a
library of imagery and had been looking for a way to share them with the world. While
exploring the options of photographic printing, I learned the ability to print on metal and soon
found myself designing cuff style bracelets with nature images.
I showed them to Sandy and immediately she offered to invest in my project. I pondered this
the evening after we talked and realized that with my photo business I would certainly need
help with this new venture. I asked Sandy if she wanted to partner with me and she readily
accepted, “Wear the Wonder” was born! I must credit my wonderful wordsmith mother with
the name. She had brainstormed several names for us but this one embodied the absolute soul
of our cuffs, which would inspire the wearer with the wonder of nature.
From our beginning in Fall 2015 “Wear the Wonder” has been our mutual passion, and is growing strong!
With our joined creativity, we share our talents, skills, love of nature and the outdoors and with everyone else who is open to wearing the wonder.

Sandy Brown Kahn (left) and Terree O'Neill Yeagle, founders of Wear the Wonder

"With our joined creativity, we share our talents, skills, love of nature and the outdoors with everyone else who is open to wearing the wonder."