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5 Star Review: Golden Hour Earrings

by Autumn Hassett October 14, 2020 1 min read

It's moments like this that make us SO INCREDIBLY happy with the jewelry we are dreaming up, creating and putting out into the world. 

Kerry is a good friend of mine from the maker world and she loves earrings. It's something she purchases from tons of jewelry makers, so the fact that we have her as a repeat customer is high praise for us. 

She snagged a pair of our Golden Hour Earrings recently and left this us this 5 star review.

5 star review | Golden Hour Earrings | Wear the Wonder

These earrings are definitely a statement and a pair I would suggest wearing for a special occasion versus an all day pair (they are heavier than most of our other earrings). Each earring consists of 4 handcrafted pieces: 3 arrows and 1 round (the stud at the top). After the printing process, the stud piece cures and then all pieces are put together to create the earring.

I love the energy from these earrings and I'm thrilled several pairs have made their way out in the world to be enjoyed. Here's a few more photos for your enjoyment.

Golden Hour Earrings in jewelry tray | Wear the Wonder

Golden Hour Earrings on white background | Wear the Wonder


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