Handcrafted in our studio on Cape Cod


Approaching the Dunes

Whenever I am driving home from New England, I like to make a little detour over to a place that always brings me joy, Watch Hill Rhode Island. The tiny stretch of beach there is known as NapaTree Beach and is one of those divine places in which I can breathe so freely and allow my soul to shake any daily grinds and soar.

As I approached the dunes the other day and looked out at the gorgeous vista before me, I was particularly struck by the angle at which the land met the sky. In my mind of course I know what lies beyond this incredibly picturesque scene but it seemed the earth wanted to keep it a secret enticing me to walk beyond the visible beauty to find even more. I am one that tends to get excited about correlations to deeper meaning in everyday life so this kind of symbolism sets my mind on a tear of lovely imaginings.

In day to day living there are often times when things seem perfectly good as they are so we accept them as is not wishing to make further efforts in any direction. What if though we keep going, we try harder, we don’t accept the status quo and we climb higher giving ourselves opportunity to literally expand our horizons. Admiring the gorgeous view of the dunes meeting the sky is sure to give pleasure but going beyond another new world opens to us. The beach and the waves crashing on shore are another dimension to be explored and enjoyed. What if we don’t stop there though. Let’s get a boat and row out to sea, imagine all that awaits if we just keep going sometimes… New trails, new friends, new experiences and plenty of new wonders are just over the horizon friends. Join me in finding them!