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Beach Day

You can be looking for something for the longest time. Sometimes so long you kind of forget about it. I have been hunting for an as close to perfect beach scene that included a beach umbrella for a few years now. Though the many beaches I have visited all have looked so inviting, so beautiful I was left flat by the umbrella and chair set ups that I had come upon. Guess I could have staged my own scene but then again, it is about the hunt isn’t it?

Last September I was eating breakfast at a restaurant on the boardwalk in OCMD on a gorgeous hot and sunny day. It was jam packed and we opted to sit at the bar and eat to get seated more quickly. We had our backs to the beach, so it was not until I was finished eating that I got up to take a gander at the beach scene. I had not had the photo opp on my mind at all just was happy to be at the beach. I walked out of the restaurant onto the boards toward the ocean and way out close to the water, a sight to behold! I ran back inside to tell my companion I was headed out to the beach for a few minutes to make some photos. I could barely contain my excitement as I stepped widely across the sand.

No one around the scene yet there it was! Even better than I had imagined! Two red chairs and a red umbrella just waiting, beckoning even someone to come and enjoy it! I quickly composed a few images because I wanted to capture it as it was, without people. Nailed it too! The perfect image to match the inner desire many of us harbor to just go to the beach and sit by the sea admiring the oceanside beauty!

Beach Day | Wear the Wonder

It just goes to show you that if you keep at it, sooner or later you will find what you are looking for! Enjoy your summer friends and definitely go find a spot to sit on the beach and bask in the treasures the coastline offers! May your perfect chair and umbrella be waiting!