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Blessings and Wishes

I often hear these days how bad the world we are living has become. I understand that people are frustrated but I honestly feel that while there are great difficulties and challenges being faced by many, still the world is a beautiful place, full of heart, wonder and love.

Evidence is all around us as people are always finding ways to help others, raising the vibe and elevating the daily human experience. Undoubtedly, there are countless numbers of do-gooders aiding those in need every day and everywhere.

Recently, I found two wonderful examples of this while traveling. The first was in a tiny town called Bramwell, West Virginia. We found ourselves there ATV Trail Riding and delighted in the quaint charm exuded by this wonderful small town. One of the neat things is that riders can drive their four wheelers down from the mountain trails into town. Such an unexpected sight to see a parking lot dedicated to these fun adventure vehicles. So, we stopped to take a photo and upon so doing I stumbled across an interesting cupboard style container called a Blessings Box. The idea is to “take what you need and leave what you can”. My heart warmed as I opened the cabinet doors to find an array of can goods and snack foods, writing papers, note pads, books and the like just waiting for someone in need to come by.

It got me thinking about the big picture. Imagine if every town, everywhere had these blessings boxes. It would help people daily think beyond themselves. It would help us to share the simplest of things, food stuffs and all kinds of helpful notions and supplies. Imagine people all day long in the spirit of giving. It is just kind of an unexpected heartwarming gesture to be walking down the street and add a little something to the box that may help another have a better day. Brilliant concept.

The next helpful wonder was in the form of a wishing well. As you make your way to the exit of Luray Caverns in Virginia (by the way a stunningly beautiful cave that will be a blog post of it’s own shortly) you come to a spot called the Wishing Well Room. It is the obvious pool of water in which folks can toss a coin or a dollar bill in while making a personal wish. The amazing thing here is since its inception in 1954, the funds collected from the well each year have totaled over a million dollars. All monies have been donated to various charities. What a wonderful gesture right! Throw a wee bit of money in, maybe get a wish to come true and at the same time be a contributor to organizations in need.

These are only two of the many, many ways the world over where people are helping people. The world is not a bad place, rather it is an amazing place with many good folks! Though we experience hard and scary times, blessings abound and always there is a chance for wishes to come true!

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