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Boston Business Women Feature

I am so honored to have a member highlight with Boston Business Women. I recently joined Boston Business Women, as recommended by a social media coach I met through Instagram, Sinead Gillespie, founder of Social by Sinead. Sinead mentioned that Boston Business Women provided so many benefits in the form of networking, webinars, dinners and luncheons, and just being around amazing women in the Boston community. 

As someone who is not from New England, although I've lived here since 2013, I am still working on planting my roots, and I thought BBW would be a great opportunity to connect with more like minded people. 

I've signed up for a few webinars (I may try to lead one in the coming future), Wear the Wonder is part of their Black Card directory and I've already gained a ton of support from their social channels.

Part of the membership provides a "member highlight" and my highlight was released yesterday. I talk about my career history, what inspires me and how I stay organized. You can read more about it here: Autumn's Member Highlight

If you want to join Boston Business Women, they have 2 options: a monthly membership or an annual one. I chose the annual membership because I was able to receive a Black Card with tons of discounts in the Boston area, and access to TONS of webinars. It more than paid for itself. Click here to check it out. 

Thanks for reading along, friends!