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Farm Markets

How one thing leads to another, but not in the point A to point B planned way; the meandering paths that connect and intersect and spur new directions, it’s those that fascinate me most of all in daily life.

A few months ago, on the way to an antique store that was an hour from my home in an area I was not familiar with, I passed a farm market and decided to make a pitstop. Before I dive into that I must connect the twisting, turning dots...

It was June 2019, and I was headed to a Cajun music festival in northwestern New Jersey with a girlfriend. As we made our way there, we passed through a tiny, quaint, and charming town called Hope. We saw an antique store, called Hope Junction Antiques, and we were compelled to pull in for a look. There was so much to see with merchandise covering every square inch! As I browsed room to room, suddenly a wooden rope swing caught my eye. I decided it would make a nice gift for my daughter who had recently moved into a new home. The woman behind the counter wrapped it up and off we went on down the road to the festival and I felt delightfully happy with my find!

This past spring, after living in my home for just a couple months I recalled the swing and thought how one of those would be perfect to hang under my deck. I tucked the thought into my mind and figured I would head back to Hope one day to see if the shop there had another.

Then came summer which spurred the notion that it was time to find a swing, so one sunny, hot Saturday my boyfriend and I hit the road to Hope, with the hope (lol) of getting a swing! Once we got there it seemed there were not any, but I asked at the counter and the owner told me her husband could make one for me. That was perfect! We got the paint color selected for the wooden part and she told me she would call when it was ready. In just a week or so I got the call.

One afternoon I finished work early enough to make the hour drive back again to Hope and pick up the swing. Very near to my destination I noticed the farm market which takes me back to the beginning here of how I was led by a varying set of circumstances to this very special farm market and garden center, Hensler Farms. Side note, I happen to delight in farm markets! Small roadside fruit, vegetable and flower carts and stands that work on the honor system, to large barn shaped buildings that house markets with fruits, vegetables and prepared foods and more to every size and shape in between, I love them all!  If I see a farm market, whether I am in need of produce or not, I must stop, and I always find something.

Hensler Farms market is plentiful with all kinds of in season flowers and yard décor items that flank the front and side of the barn, and it is all so alluring. Yet it is inside where the excitement takes over. The interior shop is not large, but it is stocked with everything one needs to survive. All the fresh produce, as well as dairy and some meats, snacks, breads, and cakes. The selection is curated and it seems to offer incredibly special delights that tempt any and all that make their way inside. Additionally, there are shelves chock full of adorable, wonderful decorative items for gifts or treasures for oneself. Each time I go, I come away with excellent foodstuffs as well as fun additions to pop color or seasonal decoration throughout my home. The other day I got a birthday gift for my other daughter there and cannot wait to give it to her! Also making their way into my basket was a totally delicious box of Maple crème cookies! Oh my what a treat!

To me, the farm markets, huts, stands, carts, and stores offer a connection to the land laying earth’s bounty out in artful displays that evoke feel good energy. There is a wholesome simplicity in these spaces near the crates of apples and pumpkins, ears of corn and bins of tomatoes. It is one of my pastimes to visit farm markets and I am sad when the season comes to and end but always delight in Spring when they reopen! I had a conversation with the manager when I was there the other day. She told me she has learned many locales pass by often but never take the time to stop in. Oh my, I implore you friends, pull your car right on up and take a walk around, in and through! I guarantee you will find fresh and wonderful things that will satisfy not only your hunger but will warm your heart as well! I cannot wait to where I will be led to next! There is always something great to discover on the horizon, or on the next corner!

You can read more about Hensler Farms and Hope Junction Antiques on their websites. Be sure to give them each a like on Facebook (Hensler Farms Facebook and Hope Junction Antiques Facebook) and make a date to visit.

Front of Hensler Farms | Wear the Wonder

Large Pumpkins at Hensler Farms | Wear the Wonder

Mini Pumpkins at Hensler Farms | Wear the Wonder

Mums at Hensler Farms | Wear the Wonder

Pumpkin Display at Hensler Farms | Wear the Wonder

Inside Hensler Farms | Wear the Wonder

Apple Wreath at Hensler Farms | Wear the Wonder

Wildflowers at Hensler Farms | Wear the Wonder

Closeup of Wildflowers at Hensler Farms | Wear the Wonder