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Finding Inspiration Everywhere

When you've got an eye for design and beauty, you're looking everywhere to find that something that draws you in, that something that gets you in the zone and allows you to create your next big thing. 

The inspiration this time was a vintage sofa, that belonged to my great Aunt Lori.

Vintage Sofa that belonged to my aunt who lived in Philadelphia

We lost Aunt Lori two years ago this May. She owned a three story brownstone in center city, Philadelphia and it was such an amazing property. Large windows, a fun and spiral-ish staircase, a perfectly sized city backyard that she made into an oasis ~ it was truly paradise in the city. You could forget about the hustle and bustle while sitting on her back patio, sipping on a cup of tea with a book in hand. 

Sadly, the property now belongs to someone else, but a few of her gems were divided amongst family members. My mom happened to get her vintage sofa that she had in her living room. Once my mom settled into her new place earlier this year, she found the perfect spot for this sofa downstairs.

And you guessed it ~ one day while she was playing around in Photoshop with lotus photographs, she looked over, saw this sofa and thought the pattern would make such a neat bracelet. 

Closeup view of the vintage sofa pattern

What I think is the most inspiring, is that I have a little piece of my Aunt Lori with me when I wear my Pure Heart Lotus cuff bracelet. 

Front View of Pure Heart Lotus Cuff Bracelet | Wear the Wonder

Side view of Pure Heart Lotus Cuff Bracelet