Handcrafted in our studio on Cape Cod


Grafton Farmers Market 2019 Season - That's a Wrap!

This week marked an important occasion in my life - the final market of the 2019 Grafton Farmers Market season. And it was awesome!

But let's rewind...

My mom had started Wear the Wonder back in 2015, and after leaving my tech job in Boston and becoming a mom, I was still searching for more. And I decided I wanted help my mom on this journey. She's been a talented photographer for basically her entire life and I felt like my strengths could really compliment the business. I honestly thought I was just going to be doing shipping and helping with her website (haha). 

We re-vamped the website, started making new products, signed up for events and one of them was the Grafton Farmers Market. It's in my town and I was commuting to Boston so much for work that I never got to even go to the market! And when I was accepted, I started to get nervous because I wasn't sure if I was over-committing myself. Each week for the market, I'd have to set up a giant tent, bring tables, bring and set up all the inventory (jewelry takes a long time to assemble) and then tear down. Plus, I had a 6 month old who would be coming with me. What was I getting into?

But, it actually wasn't that bad. I learned how to pack my car pretty efficiently, got my son's schedule down so he wasn't disrupted too much. And let me tell you. After the first market, I seriously loved doing them!

I met so many amazing people each week, got to know them and it was truly so fulfilling. I looked forward to the farmers market each and every Wednesday. I had some customers come back week after week, to purchase new gifts for their loved ones or themselves. I got to hear stories about what inspired them and what was going on in their lives. And my favorite was when someone would pick up a piece of ours and it reminded them of something. 

My small town America summer was so humbling and I'm so glad I was able to be a part of such an awesome community. And thank you ever so much to all of our wonderful customers and supporters. We couldn't do it without you, and I'm so thrilled you found joy in what we create. Thank you, thank you.

Until next season!

~ Autumn