Handcrafted in our studio on Cape Cod


Happy, Happy, Happy Sunflower

One of the many wonders of living in the countryside is seeing the endless flowers that grow in people’s yards, farms and fields but also along the side of the roads. I am endlessly enamored by the beauty of all of them from the simplest tiny bud or blossom to the grandest, biggest, tallest of flowers, the sunflower. 

I think I’d be hard-pressed to find anyone that disagreed about the Sunflower being such a happy flower! Coming upon a field of them growing tall to the sky in varying shades of yellow and rust it’s an instant excitement that overtakes me and I must pullover to admire and capture with my camera. Giving off such wonderful energy and offering up a vibe of pure joy I find these amazing flowers so irresistible! I cannot get enough! 

 Thank heaven it’s summer and they are blooming all around these days! Happiness is everywhere, all around us, just like the Sunflower! 

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