Handcrafted in our studio on Cape Cod


Lavender Butterflies

Our lavender butterfly cuff bracelet has been our most popular butterfly cuff bracelet, hands down. The sleek style paired with a violet hue, it sells out at every event we bring it to. We recently re-designed the style and added a brand new haiku to the inside. 

Flitting Butterfly

Dancing About the Garden

Lightness of Being

Lavender Butterfly Cuff Bracelet | Wear the Wonder

We knew we had to create something else with this gorgeous specimen, and we came up with the best pairing, a set of lavender butterfly mother of pearl earrings. Our mother of pearl earrings are so unique in nature, featuring images by Terree printed on mother of pearl sea shells. Due to the nature of the shell, every single earring is one-of-a-kind, just as nature intended. In the sunlight, these earrings dance and show off their iridescent nature. Take a look for yourself...

Lavender Butterfly Mother of Pearl earrings - Wear the Wonder

Together, these pieces are delicate and absolutely delightful to the wearer. They remind you to keep dancing about in your garden, which is especially important in times like these.