Handcrafted in our studio on Cape Cod


Little Reminders

The photographs I choose to display around my house are those that offer me warm and wonderful feelings from moments throughout my life. Images of family members and special places I have visited adorn the walls, shelves and table-scapes throughout my home. When I look at them and recall the memory, I am filled with happy vibrations. I can feel the joy of the memories and inevitably my hand will lift toward my heart as a pleasant expression rises to my face. In the present, I savor the love of the past.
Photography has been an enormous part of my life and the camera, the instrument that allows me to document all I see of the world around me. I still have many of the cameras that have served me in my life as a photographer, though I have given a few away over the years. The cameras I no longer use are arranged as part of my décor now in a group on shelves near my desk. Having had thousands upon thousands of shutter clicks before they were retired to make way for the latest modern gear, they are now little reminders of the changes in technology throughout the course of my career. Along with those cameras are a few others that have been given to me over the years.
A vintage Kodak Kodon from the 1930’s belonged to my paternal grandmother and simply means the world to me! I imagine her as a young woman before I was even born looking for moments to capture with her wonderful folding camera!

A Yashica D, belonged to my sister in law’s husband. He gave it to me to experiment with when I was just becoming serious about pursuing a profession as a professional photographer so many moons ago!

Another very cool camera in my collection, a vintage Swiss made Pallard Bolex cine or movie camera belonged to my husband’s father. I wonder about my relatives captured, recorded back in the day. I will likely never know but that these wonderful instruments of photography made their way to my safekeeping brings me a special joy.

I decided to make a design using these three vintage cameras, my own beloved Hasselblad, and a few that I shoot with today including my iPhone and amazing mirrorless Nikon cameras. I photographed each camera and using photoshop combined them in a collage that Autumn then made into a cuff bracelet. When I wear the cuff on my wrist I think happily of my love of photography. Also touching is the notion of my long-ago family having fun with photography! I think of them and me and all those that were behind the science to bring this incredible tool into existence! The camera! Oh, the joy, oh the wonder it has brought to so many lives!

A camera clicks
A photograph to treasure
Capturing Moments