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New Product: 360 Degree Stretch Bracelets

As part of our holiday collection, we launched a brand new product ~ our 360 degree stretch bracelets! These bracelets bring a new dimension to our bracelet offering and I'm really excited to share the details with you today. 

But first things first, today through Sunday November 15th at 11:59PM EST, these bracelets are part of our "2 for 1" jewelry sale. This means you can grab two of these babies for the price of one, or you can mix and match with another bracelet, earrings or necklace! The combinations are endless. To take advantage of this offer, use code HOLIDAYSET at checkout. Don't forget, this deal expires Sunday 11/15/20 at midnight EST. 

Stretch Bracelets | Wear the Wonder

OK, back to our regularly scheduled programming. We designed these bracelets to have two different images repeated four times around the bracelet, for a total of eight images, giving you that 360 degree photo experience. 

Want to hear more about the process? Great, because I want to share just how we create this magic. 

First we select the images we'd like to use for each bracelet, which is a really fun part of the process. Typically, my mom will design each product and send me the design files. For these pieces, she designed both poinsettia bracelets, by taking her photographs of pink and blue poinsettias and cropping the images to just the right angles. 

Pink Poinsettia Stretch Bracelet | Wear the Wonder

Blue Poinsettia Stretch Bracelet | Wear the Wonder

After she sent me the files, I wanted to create a few more to round out the set. Our cardinal image is our most popular image across all of our products, so I knew it would be a great option for this new product. Since we had pink and blue poinsettias, I steered toward a classic colored poinsettia and paired it with a new image of reindeer. 

Angels Near Cardinal Stretch Bracelet | Wear the Wonder

Classic Poinsettia & Reindeer Stretch Bracelet | Wear the Wonder

Once all of the designs are finalized, the actual production begins. First, I take all of the design images and I lay them out in a Photoshop file so I can print them on super premium photo paper. After the images are printed, I cut them to the correct circular shape using a 5/8" round punch. 

Now the fun begins. I started practicing with resin about 8 months ago and it took several projects to really understand the techniques and to feel confident in what I was creating. I make each of these images for the bracelet using a technique called doming. Each round image is laid on a raised pegged surface and then resin is dropped on each image until the resin domes. 

The resin process can take between 2-4 hours for the initial curing. I have to make sure there are no air bubbles (thanks to my trusty heat gun), and sometimes you need to add more resin to make sure doming reaches the edges. After a 24 period, more resin can be added if the dome is not thick enough. 

After curing, the bracelet is assembled by using a strong adhesive for each domed image. And there you have it! These new stretch bracelets are a labor of love and I hope you enjoyed learning the behind the scenes technique. 

Stacked Stretch Bracelets | Wear the Wonder

Don't forget, this product is part of our Buy One, Get One Special that's running through Sunday night. Add two jewelry items to your cart and use code HOLIDAYSET at checkout to save.