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Reach for the Wonder

by Terree Yeagle May 01, 2019 2 min read

Each and every season has a sensuality all it’s own, but with spring the mood is definitely romantic. From the bird’s songs to the scent of the lilacs to the beauty of all the blossoms, be they the dangling cone shaped wisteria flowers or delicate clusters on the crabapple tree nature flirts with us awakening our instinctual desires. It is love that is absolutely in the air this time of year.


Spring’s allure only grows as we say goodbye to April and hello to May. The merry month as we shed our jackets and allow the sun’s warm rays to touch our skin finally after it’s been covered for months on end. It’s a time to enjoy all the gifts of spring and to frolic outside amid the lush, vibrant landscape.

I myself find particular pleasure in cutting branches of lilacs from the many bushes in my yard. Drawing the tiny flowers close to my nostrils I breathe in the gorgeous scent, one of nature’s most pleasurable. The cuttings are then put into glass jars and I  place them on the front terrace. Here atop a table between the rocking chairs I can admire them each time I pass by the windows that look out upon the lovely scene. As the cherry blossoms and all the other spring flowering trees their time is brief but oh so impactful. Every chance I get I stop and admire them knowing in a short while they’ll be gone again until the following year.


Memories of the beauty of the lilacs go back to childhood for me as I used to make bouquets and offer them to the neighbors. It was my annual spring project. I waited and watched until the blossoms were just right and then I’d harvest enough to enjoy myself and to give away.

The splendor of spring is upon us friends! Reach for the wonder and be captivated by the sights, sounds and scents of this season of love!

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