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Spring Awakening

Each year as winter turns to Spring, I begin thinking about the blossoms on their way and in particular about the light and airy Cherry Blossom. Drawn to the long branches dotted endlessly with tiny clusters of white and pink flowers, I’ve come to view them as lovely symbols of how to not take life for granted. Life is like the short lived blossom, beautiful and wondrous indeed but the years go by, in the blink it seems of an eye. We owe ourselves a gentle slowdown and time to appreciate and enjoy all this season of awakening offers.

A few years back, I was reading about these trees and how so many were gifts to the US from Japan and learned how important they are in Japanese culture. I thought it quite wonderful that the Japanese view  the blossom as a message to not only not take a single day for granted, but to life your life well. I’ve always noticed and appreciated the cherry blossoms, but only after learning of this fitting philosophical message from another culture did I adopt the time of the blossoms as a reminder to live my life well. I make special pilgrimages each year to Fairmount Park in Philadelphia. This year my friend and I made it there in perfect time. We spent a warm, sunny spring day wandering through the fields admiring the beauty, contemplating the wonder of life and simply enjoying our friendship.

What a gift, the blossoms, the notion and time to wander in the spectacular wonder of it all.