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Sunflower Coasters

I had left the settlement table with a bag of mixed feelings as it was the end of a dream that I thought would last forever but also the beginning of possibilities for what would be next. Tinged with a streak of sadness but overwhelmingly feeling happy, positive and free I made my way down the road.

Along the way I came upon several sunflower 🌻 bouquets displayed for sale near a roadside barn. Without hesitation I thrust the wheel left into the gravel parking area. No one around and seemingly with all the time in the world I ever so slowly meandered through the stacks of vintage items that flanked the entrance to the little red barn and wandered inside. So many beautiful sunflowers obviously harvested from the big field I could see not far from where I stood. Many wonderful home decor items and still quite usable household items on tabletops, shelves and hung from the rafters it was a farm style boutique, the most pleasant surprise too!

Soon a lovely woman made her way from the farmhouse to the barn where I was and said hello. Most happily making her acquaintance we shook hands and I exclaimed how adorable her place was and how beautiful everything was especially the sunflowers! She told me how her husband grew them and a bit of their story. In turn I shared a synopsis of what brought me along the country roads that led me to her place. It was a most enjoyable exchange.

I selected a few fantastic bouquets of sunflowers as well as a splendid mug with a green bird on it, the only one or I would have bought more. I then gathered my purchases, said a heartfelt goodbye along with a promise to return and got back in my car with a warmth in my chest and a belief that life was ever beautiful and that good things still awaited me.

I am reminded of this as I make my morning tea at Brett’s place and pull out my pretty bird mug to enjoy it in. It is here because after I left the barn that day, I drove out to his place to celebrate selling the house. I left my mug in his cupboard so that I would have something pretty to drink from when I visited that would remind me of hopeful possibilities!

As I write this now my mug rests on a coaster and ironically, its design is from photographs I made of those sunflowers! I just cannot even help myself but bask in the magic that is life. ... at some point after I made the photographs and designed them into coasters for Wear The Wonder, he went on the website and purchased them. I did not know that until my daughter told me he placed an order.

My awareness of the fantastic alignment in life and how moment by moment things are just always falling into place. I know we all fret at times but honestly my own experience has driven the point home that there is simply no need to worry! As the song goes, every little thing is gonna be alright! …. Enjoy your morning beverage my friends! The birds are singing, and It is a lovely new day!

Sunflower coasters with green bird teacup | Wear the Wonder