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Take it easy, take it slow

These days, in the unsettled times we are living in, I find it more important than ever to be gentle with myself where and when I can.

One of the ways I relax, believe it or not, is to take short drives along country roads and the more winding they are, the better! Breathing and basking in the beauty of nature, I find ever soothing. Autumn is a particularly WONDERful time of year to do this because the changing colors make for a mesmerizing spectacle. Enjoy these images from a park in my local area that I find myself heading to for these peaceful drives as well as walks, hikes, and picnics.

Autumn tends to have us slowing down as the daylight fades more quickly into evening darkness. It feels good to wear oversize sweaters and grab a mug of your favorite hot beverage, light candles or a fire and simply be still. During this time, we can allow our minds to wander and our hearts to warm over with thoughts of approaching holidays and celebrations with family.

In the in between times when you have even just an hour, hop in the car and head out to admire the changing landscape. The road offers vignettes and vistas that can take our breath away, allowing us to find peace and harmony within ourselves. Take it slow my friends!  

Country Road | Fall Foliage | Wear the Wonder | Pennsylvania

Fall Foliage | Red Leaves | Country Road | Wear the Wonder

Fall Foliage over a Pond | Drawbridge | Wear the Wonder

Fall Foliage | Country Road | Pennsylvania

Take the country road | Long road | Wear the Wonder