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The Morning by the Sea

by Terree Yeagle June 28, 2019 2 min read

You can never have too much beach.

I saw this expression painted on a sign in a store window last night in Cape May and I immediately thought how perfectly it described the feeling of desire for the ocean and the beach.

This morning I took a walk along the Sea Wall in North Wildwood NJ for the first time this summer. It’s only one block away from my cousin’s shore home here that my sister in law and I visit for several days each summer. One of our must do’s daily is this early morning walk as the sun rises and spills her golden light onto the ocean water. Of all the many beaches in states and other countries it offers one of the most pleasant experiences to walk along the coastline by the ocean because the wall rises above the shore and hugs the shape of it perfectly.

Walking with my camera I take my time and stop for all the moments that move me to make a photograph. When drawing my camera to my eye and framing an image I am simultaneously absorbing the wonder of the natural world and our place in it as human beings. What an utterly splendid land we get to call home. Nature surrounding us, available for us to embrace in every single moment of life. I head this call, I allow the beauty to wash over me like warm rain and sink into each cell of my being. This is magical, this is life, this is how amazing it is to be alive. This morning by the sea is a special gift and being here fills my happy heart with gratitude.

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