Handcrafted in our studio on Cape Cod


Tropical Vibes

Earlier this year I moved into a townhome, downsizing from my big custom home into what I am now referring to as a perfectly sized life. Everything suits me here, with space that is bright and new. The elevation of my home allows me a deck off the main level as well as a patio off the full finished lower level. I adore each of the spots for different reasons and they have become little sanctuaries for me to enjoy at varying times of day.

The fact that these are outdoor spaces means enjoying the fresh air is so easy while I work from home.  A morning tea on the deck before the sun comes around lets me admire a number of lovely, colorful plants. Watching them grow and blossom is a splendid pastime and way to be involved with nature up close. Even if it is raining, I can still utilize the patio because it is located under the deck and a material has been applied beneath to keep raindrops from falling through the deck’s wooden planks. Shade is always available, so it is out in this little tropical oasis I enjoy my lunch. Both spaces are chock full of flowers which endlessly bring me pleasure and inspiration as well as daily photo subjects!

Speaking of photographs, just before summer arrived, I had a few gorgeous lily plants in bloom. I photographed them and designed those images into cuff bracelets and throw pillows. We made the pillows in an outdoor fabric so that I could use them on patio chairs. They totally add to the tropical vibes on the patio and thrill me to bits every time I look at them.

Tropical Oasis | Wear the Wonder

Creating images of the natural world and designing them into wearable and usable art is what we do at Wear The Wonder. The purpose being to offer others a unique way of enjoying nature and to raise the vibe of inspiration while adorning a piece of our jewelry or decorating with one of our accessories. Nature to photographic art to wearables and decorative items sustains the beauty of things that grow and lifts us to a higher vibration which in turn enhances daily living, a simple way to feel endlessly connected to the circle of life.