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Vending Soon at Crompton Collective

There are always silver linings, even if in the exact moment that you're in, you feel like nothing could ever seem good again. 

These coronavirus days are tough. We're quarantined to our homes with our close family only. We may not be able to get the foods we like (or want) at the stores. Our businesses have been shuttered. We're looking for hope...

We've been trying to stay as positive as possible. Utilizing technology to stay connected and trying to stay inspired by what we're doing. And last week, some good news came our way.

We have been fans of Crompton Collective for several years and we have been wanted to become a regular vendor there for some time. We've participated in several events over the last 6 months like Makes Like A Girl and the Canal District Farmers Market, and finally it's our time!

As soon as we're past this quarantining, and the world begins to re-open, we will have a regular space in Crompton Collective and we are so excited. 

Be sure to stay tuned ~ we'll let you know when you can check out our products at this amazing retail destination in Worcester, MA. 

Cheers and stay well friends,