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Welcome Summer

Can the feel of an early summer morning be captured in just one image?

Welcome Summer | Wear the Wonder

Yes, quite the task but I’ve been looking for the perfect scene to make visual the special feelings that rise to the surface when the air becomes quite warm, a soft breeze blows and the day lilies spring to life. It is always along a country road they first make their appearance, like dots on a map, landmarks to let us know, summer has arrived.

Bright happy flowers clustered along the edge of fences awakening the happy feelings that only summertime can evoke. Longer days filled with the many activities to be done for fun and folly while grass grows greener, trees grow taller and gardens flourish!

At the very beginning of the summer season for years on end I have been noticing the day lilies coincide with the weeks before the fourth of July. Offering their bright orange hellos mixed in often with old glory, our American flag. Evoking patriotism and the spirit of summer and feelings that so much pleasure is at hand!

Have a beautiful summer friends!