Handcrafted in our studio on Cape Cod


Welcome to Wear the Wonder

If you look up the definition of passion the meaning is stated as strong and barely controllable emotion. I’d say that surely sums up the way I feel about photography, the written word, and spending time in the natural world. The joy these elements bring to my life is embodied in the creative business of Wear The Wonder.

Today I am even more excited than when I first began WTW over three years ago. With my daughter Autumn now at the helm, I believe we have an opportunity to create new, improved products that can excite more people, inspiring them to further appreciate our vast and beautiful planet. Together as a team, she and I intend to present varying ways to wear and decorate with photographic imagery that warms the heart and uplifts the spirit.

As we work with heart and soul to create wonderful photo art adornments we will offer stories on our blog of where we’ve travelled to capture the images and how what we’ve seen has amazed us. This in the hope that you our followers will experience the wonder that propels us to wander, document, create and enjoy life!