Cove Light Statement Bracelet

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Standing at the edge of rocks at the Lighthouse at Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia, one truly gets a sense of the magnificence of our world. You feel that you are in the North Country and that the sea is rough and rugged, and the air is colder and that life has a harder way about it.

The energy up there seems extra special, like its written in a fairytale and you have made your way into the magic of it. The small town is laid out before you to wander and everyone is your friend. Lobster is on the menu, the sky is full of color this morning and you embrace all that is good in your life. You outstretch your arms, you breathe in and out, you smile, and you fill yourself with all that magical feeling! Soak it up, feel the magic! It's yours for the taking!

Statement Bracelet features a 1.75" diameter image with an easy open/close style. 

Hand crafted in Massachusetts and inspired from our original photography.


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