About us

We are a mother & daughter company that creates personal accessories and home decor items from our own vibrant nature inspired photographic images. I, Terree, am the Photographer and Creative Director of Wear The Wonder alongside my oldest daughter, Autumn, who runs the operations of the company, including hand crafting jewelry and home decor pieces. Additionally, we offer one of a kind art pieces to adorn the walls of homes and office spaces. I am in Pennsylvania and Autumn works in our headquarters, which is in the basement of her Massachusetts home. We are inspired by so many other businesses in this country that have started the same way and our hopes and dreams see our products being sold in retail nationwide one day, and of course, our own flagship store. I say in Manhattan but we will be sure to let the world know once we make that goal a reality! 

Meanwhile some background info, I began our company Wear The Wonder  in the fall of 2015 when I learned about new mediums in which to print photographs. Up to that point I had been trying to find a way to get my nature photography out in the world but wanted to do more than framed artwork. I moved on the idea right away with the first product, the wonder cuff, a lightweight metal cuff bracelet in two sizes narrow and wide. Since then we’ve added many more products and are selling online from our online store as well as some local venues in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. 

I am at the point in my life where my children are all grown and on their own, and so it’s now time for me to travel and create the imagery that we will turn into products in our store.  I document all of life through my lens whether I am home or away! I am fascinated by all the simple moments and life on a country road, to the grandest of travels far and wide from peaks to oceans, rivers, valleys and deserts. The world is my subject and my hope is to transfer the images to items that folks can use and enjoy in their everyday life. So you don’t have to travel to the end of earth as I did, but can still enjoy seeing a guanoco perched high atop the hills in Patagonia or a glacier near Cape Horn or the vines of a vineyard in Santiago Chile. The world is an endless series of beautiful moments that offers inspiration in daily life. We hope the ones we chose to create into items to bring others joy will have folks wearing the wonder and sharing the good vibes these places brought to our hearts. 

If you are interested follow us on social media as we are always sharing something new! You can shop online at WearTheWonder.com day or night. We appreciate all those that have supported us these last few years as we’ve been building our wonder-full company! Thank you! We hope you will enjoy all the new ways we are offering to consume art.