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We are re-defining how you consume art. We are re-defining how you enjoy nature.

When you make a purchase from Wear the Wonder, you’re not buying another bracelet or another throw pillow. You are buying a piece of art, you are buying a photograph from an artist that has been hand-crafted into a piece you will treasure for years to come.

When our company was in its infancy, we were only making wonder cuffs, so all of our products were actually wearable art. Terree was brainstorming company name ideas during the inception of our company with her mom one day, and Janet (Terree's mother/Autumn's grandmother) suggested Wear the Wonder, as if you're wearing the wonder of the natural world. 

Send us an email at info@wearthewonder.com if you're interested in a custom order. We can put together a quote for you.

Send us an email! Wholesale@wearthewonder.com or fill out the Wholesale Inquiry page and we'll be in touch ASAP to get started.


Creating our products in our USA office is an incredibly important aspect of our philosophy, so we handcraft as many as we possibly can, using the technologies that we have. Currently, we handcraft all of our jewelry, bookmarks, keychains, ornaments, linen bags, bottle openers and coasters in our USA office. We source our wall art, pillows and greeting cards from USA suppliers.

Yes! We started experimenting with printing photographs on new mediums, and started making wonder cuffs. From there, it only became more fun. We started exploring other mediums in which to print on, expanding our offering. Our products are handcrafted one a time, ensuring top quality,


The majority of our jewelry products are made of lightweight aluminum or natural Mother of Pearl shells. We use stainless steel 16" chains for our pendant necklaces or black cord 16" chains for our Mother of Pearl necklaces. Our earrings hooks are sterling silver.


Our coasters are either sandstone or a hardboard material. 


We have several ornament options, porcelain, aluminum and acrylic. Porcelain and aluminum feature images on the front and back of the ornament, where the acrylic features one image, that's printed on the back.


Our keychains are made from acrylic. They feature an image that's printed on the back, which allows the light to shine through. Keychains are treated with a scratch resistant coating.

Bottle Openers:

Bottle Openers feature an image on both sides of a heavy duty, stainless steel bar style opener. 

Yes, Wonder Cuffs come with a starter bend and can be squeezed to fit all wrist sizes. Wonder cuffs come in a wide or narrow style. 

We test all of our products for durability, but to maximize the life of your wonder-ful products, we recommend following the below care guidelines:

- Do not expose your jewelry to water / do not wear while exercising

- Wipe down products with a microfiber cloth after using to ensure longevity (no cleaning products)

- Avoid storing or using products in an environment where they could be exposed to scratching

Shipping + Handling

We can ship anywhere in the world but rates vary according to distance. We use USPS, UPS and Federal Express, depending on the destination country.  Please contact us for specific rates.

Occasionally we will run specials with free shipping.

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