Handcrafted in our studio on Cape Cod


Deep Within Cuff Bracelet

Way up North in the East on the ocean lies the land called Nova Scotia, and it is ever a gorgeous wonder! I was there on a road trip and by viewing the map we saw a place located as far north as you could get at the top of Cape Breton island, a place called Meat Cove. Yes a strange name but it has significance in days of old the traders brought their meat to this raw and ruggedly beautiful spot.

We camped on top of the cliff there overlooking the sea and it was one of the most amazing moments of my life! What a place. A small stream led out to the ocean and I took off my flip flops and walked along the rocks allowing the crystal clear water relax me. The clarity was twofold, yes I could see straight through the water and the rocks were perfectly amazing but also my mind was free of any muddiness, any clutter and I could see deep within myself, enough to know I felt right at home here!

Lightweight Aluminum Cuffs can be squeezed to fit your wrist. Don't forget to check the back of the cuff for a little bit of extra inspiration!

Wide Aluminum Metal Cuff Bracelet Sizing: 
Length: 6.625 
Width: 1.625 
Thickness: .045