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Dogwoods Aglow Cuff Bracelet

A simple trip to the store and on the way I am winding along the country roads, and with the afternoon sun low and bright everything was so vivid, especially this gorgeous dogwood tree that seemed to be glowing pink! Yep, pulled over again to make a picture!

Afterward I picked up a few petals and branches that had dropped to the ground and along came a gentleman having a walk. We greeted one another and began discussing the tree. I mentioned to him that I never ever see a soul on the property of the tiny church where the dogwood was growing. He said only one day a year does the building get used. I was glad that I met this man and we both gazed at the tree awhile longer before bidding farewell. Ah, the country life!

Lightweight Aluminum Cuffs can be squeezed to fit your wrist. Don't forget to check the back of the cuff for a little bit of extra inspiration!

Narrow Aluminum Metal Cuff Bracelet Sizing: 
Length: 6.625 
Width: .75 
Thickness: .045