Handcrafted in our studio on Cape Cod


Tip of the Iceberg Cuff Bracelet

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My alarm never sounded. When I awoke an hour late I had to scramble to make the call to the Zodiacs. Somehow luck was with me and I managed to be the first person to climb aboard the initial Zodiac to Cape Horn. With senses heightened to the brink, I, fully exhilarated, was ready to immerse in this moment! Never having been on a Zodiac let alone disembarking onto a rocky coast with frigid waters it was to me, true adventure. One of the reasons I joined this Patagonia expedition was to feel the epic southern wind, driving force of the weather and dictator of possibility of landing Zodiacs safely on shore. Good fortune prevailed, we had the perfect landing that morning.

Lightweight Aluminum Cuffs can be squeezed to fit your wrist. Don't forget to check the back of the cuff for a little bit of extra inspiration!

Wide Aluminum Metal Cuff Bracelet Sizing: 
Length: 6.625 
Width: 1.625 
Thickness: .045